Richard Manning

Wishbone Ash There's The Rub 1974

Wishbone Ash There's The Rub  1974

This was a Sepia toned Black and White print supplied to me. I mounted the print onto double weight mount board and placed Transpaseal over the hand,ball and grass. With a scalpel I cut away the Transpaseal to leave the trousers and pullover. I mixed the appropriate colour with Photo Dye and airbrushed the trousers and pullover applying more in the creases and shadows. The Transpaseal was removed and more applied to leave the grass exposed. I applied green dye with a large Sable Brush. The arm was treated the same way by masking with Transpaseal and airbrushing a mixed Photo Dye. Likewise the ball was masked and a red dye sprayed on. The highlight on the ball was masked with Transpaseal and a weak solution of Photoflo applied with a Sable Brush, blotted and wiped away with Acetic Acid to remove some red overspray. Some scarlet dye was applied to the trousers with a Sable Brush to show the rub mark.

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