Richard Manning

Bad Company Straight Shooter 1975

Bad Company Straight Shooter  1975

These were 'R' Type prints of the Dice and the Table. It was not necessary to go to the expense of Dye Transfers as no major retouching was needed. The base print was mounted onto double weight mount board and the top of the print was darkened by airbrushing Black Photo Dye. The Dice were cut out with a scalpel just half way through the print so as to carefully strip the back and feather the cut edge. The white dots were masked with Transpaseal and a watery Scarlet Photo Dye sprayed over the rest of the Dice to brighten them, montaged in position with Columbia Cement following an accurate positional trace. Then a watery white airbrushed at the back edge of the Dice to give a hint of movement.

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