Richard Manning

Pretty Things Savage Eye 1975

Pretty Things Savage Eye  1975 This is a sepia toned black and white print. I masked the eyeball and finger nail with Transpaseal and washed in an overall flesh tone as a base skin colour with Photo dye, using a swab of cotton wool soaked in the watery dye. Wiped away any excess dye and dried with a hairdryer. I then airbrushed darker areas and shading with a more concentrated dye. Secondly, the nail was masked and a combination of colour dyes were carefully washed in with a Sable brush. The eyeball was masked and some watery blue was sprayed in at the edges. Lastly the iris was masked and with the Sable brush a multitude of different coloured dyes were applied leaving the two white highlights untouched. There was also a 20x30 inch poster of a dark haired girl in a flowing dress that was also hand tinted for this sleeve.
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