Richard Manning

Al Stewart Past, Present & Future 1973

Al Stewart Past, Present & Future  1973 If my memory serves me correctly, this was the first sleeve I worked on for Hipgnosis. Although, in the book 'Walk Away Rene' my good friend and mentor at that time,Terry Day(sadly no longer with us) is credited with working on it. A black and white montage. The figure was cut out physically and the back edges thinned and sanded and stuck in position with Columbia Cement. A Best Possible copy print was made, so now I have a flat print to work on, mounted on double weight mount board. Working to an eliptical guide on tracing paper, I carefully bleached to white the shape. Once washed and dried I then redrew some of the background with Photo Dye with a Sable brush, where the print had bleached a bit too far in the lighter areas. Finally, Permanent White was sprayed to make a sweet, soft edged shape.
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