Richard Manning

Photo Retouching

Retouching Black And White Photographs

 Working on Ilford double weight glossy unglazed prints from the seventies onwards was a pleasure. The paper was robust enough to be worked on in a variety of ways. The print was first mounted onto double weight mounting board either by dry m [...]
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The Wonderful Super 63 De Vilbis Airbrush

I first used an airbrush in 1964 as a 17 year old apprentice at Chamberlain Art Studios, 146 Holborn, London EC1, which is no longer there. The studio manager entrusted it to me with the dire warning not to damage it. As if! I was so pleased and p [...]
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Dye Transfer Colour Prints

 The prints I worked on were dye transfers, and in fact nearly all the sleeve artwork I worked on were dye transfers. The normal colour print was light sensitive photographic paper exposed to a colour negative or transparency to print the ima [...]
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