Richard Manning

Harlequin Love Crimes 1980

Harlequin Love Crimes  1980

Both front and back images were black and white photo prints and hand tinted with Photo dyes. The pencil drawing was by Humphrey Ocean and a photographic copy made. The back cover was sepia toned, the front cover was not. On the Front Cover I masked the interior with transpaseal and combined soft airbrushing with touches of colour with the Sable brush to keep the light and dark tones. The girls legs and steering wheel I didn't bother to mask and washed dye in with the Sable brush. The background behind the windows I treated the same and with the Sable brush added little touches of varying colour randomly

The back cover was treated in a tighter way. Each component was masked separately with Transpaseal and photo dye applied. The red of the handbag, glasses and lipstick was washed in using the Sable brush to give the depth of colour. The blue ticket and seat were airbrushed. The revolver in the handbag had touches of colour with the Sable brush as did the money. The Chiffon scarf had washes of weak colour applied with the Sable brush. The band picture was virtually untouched except for one or two touches of colour with the Sable brush.

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