Richard Manning

Catherine Wheel Judy Staring At The Sun 1995

Catherine Wheel Judy Staring At The Sun  1995 This was my first sleeve completed for Storm on the Apple Mac. I was supplied with two scans, one of the ice on the table and the other of Judy on a table with her head over the table edge to allow her hair to hang loose. All work was in Photoshop. I made a Layer of the ice. I cut out the background to Judy using the Lasso tool and the Quick mask mode round the loose hair to retain the softness. She was put onto a Layer and brought into the ice block. The ice layer was brought forward and the opacity reduced to 25% to see where Judy appeared. A Layer mask was applied to the ice Layer and the majority of this Layer was deleted leaving just the whiter bits across her arms and leg. The opacity was kept at about 25% across Judy as the background showed through 100% where Judy did not appear. The Smudge tool was used to distort the edges and hair of Judy, not too much, just enough to appear natural.
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