Richard Manning

Hawkwind Quark Strangeness And Charm 1977

Hawkwind Quark Strangeness And Charm  1977

The print of the thing in the foreground with a dial was a separate print I cut out with a scalpel and feathered and greyed the edge. This was mounted in position with Columbia Cement. I drew in some luminous green looking bits with a Sable brush above the console, then holding loose straight edged masks, I airbrushed the red lines with Windsor and Newton Flame Red Gouache to meet at the green bits, I then drew in the orangey core to the red with a fine Sable brush. The white glow I airbrushed round the green bits with Windsor and Newton Permanent White. The orange and blue 'Quarks' on and around the console I airbrushed in white to kill the print and then airbrushed the colour over the white.

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