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Mood Swings Psychadelicatessen 1998

Mood Swings Psychadelicatessen  1998 Many people with tight hair styles were dragged off the street near the Photo Studio, asked to sign a disclaimer form, given ten pounds and photographed front on, side on and three quarter and shouting. Storm and I were also shot, as were a couple of chaps I worked with. A trace outline was given to me including the features. All the heads were supplied as scans on a CD. It was up to me who went where. Every head and face was silhouetted with the lasso tool with a one pixel feather round the hair. One side of the head was put together and then flipped and joined. At the join one or two single heads were positioned. The heads on the nose were lightened, the mouth was made up separately and lightened and positioned as was the chin. The whites of the eyes were rotated ninety degrees left and right, and the iris made up of eight copies of the same person with an airbrushed circle for the pupil in the middle. A slight darkening under the chin and above the eye to give dimension. The background was airbrushed on yet another layer. I started putting the left ear together with heads as separate layers. Once happy with the group I flattened and saved as a separate artwork, so keeping the layered version at all times. I then started at the side of the head and by offering up each head and tilting, moving and resizing arrived at the grouping that seemed to work. It was a lengthy process and Storm was pleased with the end result. I think!
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