Richard Manning

Young & Moody 1977

Young & Moody   1977

I was supplied with a black and white base print which I mounted onto double weight mount board. Minimal retouching and spotting. All the floating, varying perspective prints were supplied seperately on single weight photographic paper. All were cut out with a scalpel and the edges feathered. These were mounted with Columbia Cement and a best possible copy print was made from this artwork. The copy print was mounted with Columbia Cement and Transpaseal laid over the whole print. All the floating images were cut round with a new scalpel blade to mask them off. The unmaked base print was then hand tinted with Photo Dye by airbrushing the larger areas and using a Sable brush for the shirt, jacket, trousers and boots and flesh. All the Transpaseal was then removed from the floating images and each one hand tinted with photo Dye and a Sable Brush.

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